Finance Committee

MISSION STATEMENT:  To assist the Board of Directors whose mission is to provide facilities and services and to protect, maintain, and improve the assets of the Community Association in the best interest of all its members. 
PURPOSE: The purpose of the Finance Committee (the Committee) is to review planned spending and monitor actual expenditures for any project directed by the Board of Directors.  The Committee will recommend options for financial matters related to the function, management, enhancement and maintenance for the services and/or facilities of the Community Association, for the best use and enjoyment of the LSLCA members.  The Committee will analyze actual and planned expenditures and identify economic implications and financial options for use by the Board of Directors in making decisions.  All Committee recommendations are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

Committee Members                       Position                 E-MAILS 
Wayne Walkenhorst                                                                   
Judy Fletcher                                                            
Bill Kral       
Tom Pollihan                                                                                                                         

Committee Charter

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