Architectural Control Committee

MISSION STATEMENT: To assist the Board of Directors whose mission is to provide facilities and services and to protect and maintain the assets of the Community Association in the best interest of all its members.
PURPOSE: The purpose of the Architectural Control Committee is to perform duties and have such powers as provided by Article VIII, Section 1 of the Covenants and Restrictions.  The ACC charter and any revisions to the Charter must be established by resolution of the Board of Directors. The Architectural Control Committee will uphold and maintain the articles of the Lake Saint Louis Covenant and Restriction and the provisions of the Architectural Control Committee Guidelines.

PLEASE BE ADVISED... Most projects need to be approved by both the ACC & the Architectural Review Board through the City of Lake St. Louis.

Committee Members                   Position                              E-MAILS 
Dan Kettelkamp                                   Chairperson                 
Alicia Long                                            Vice Chairperson      
Mark Kaplan                                                                               
Sascha Ott                                                                                    
Jennifer Meyer                                                                    
Shirley Vogt                                         ACC Coordinator          


Committee Charter

Application for ACC Review

Committee Application

Covenants & Restrictions