Aquatics Committee

MISSION STATEMENT:  To assist the Board of Directors whose mission is to provide facilities and services and to protect, maintain and improve the physical assets of the Community Association in the best interest of all its members.
PURPOSE: The purpose of the Aquatics Committee ( the Committee ) is to advise the Board of Directors on matters related to the function, management, maintenance and usage of the Community Association's Aquatics facility (swimming pools, bath house and roped off area of the small lake adjacent to the swim beach) for the best use and enjoyment of the LSLCA members. The recommendations of the Committee are subject to the approval of the LSLCA Board of Directors.

Committee Members                  Position                  E-MAILS        
Judy Crowl                                         Chairperson     
Anna Alt                                                                        
Linda Becker                                                                
Kathy Cumbie                                                               
Daniel Alt                                                                      
Dan Brettnacher                                                           
Ben Graham                                                                  
Deb Knowlton                                                              
Jen Renaud
Tami Sanker  

Committee Charter

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June 2016
July 2016