Usage Agreement

Members who have purchased an "Amenities Pass" will not be charged to rent a paddle craft. Members who have not purchased an "Amenities Pass" will be charged a $7 daily rental fee. Please visit the Golf Shack to complete the rental form.

Please adhere to the following safety rules:

  • Guests must be accompanied by a member.
  • Members 16 years and older must show a C/A ID and proof of age.
  • Members 16 and under must be with a parent on the lake.
  • If your child has received training from the CA sailing and paddling club,you may supervise your child from the shore.We have a list of all members who have completed the training.Lessons are available.Please visit the sailing club website at
  • Parents must supervise their children at all times and sign the agreement.
  • A life vest must be worn at all times when using a paddle craft on the lake.
  • Only one person is allowed on the single paddle craft and 2 on double craft.
  • All paddle crafts must be returned 30 minutes prior to sunset.

NOTE: Failure to comply with the rules will forfeit your ability to use a water craft.