Lake St Louis Water Quality


The Community Association monitors the water quality in both lakes during the recreational season by testing for fecal coliform. Samples are taken regularly and, analyzed by PDC Laboratories as colony-forming units per 100 milliliters (CFU), with the results posted to the C.A. website. These levels fluctuate during the season and are known to be higher after heavy rains. The single sample recommended guideline for safe usage of the lakes for whole body contact is 235 CFU.

06/13/2016  report


Paris Ct  341 CFU/100ml

Isle De Fleur  259 CFU/100ml

Main Marina 20 CFU/100ml

Club Beach 20 CFU/100ml

Villas  <10 CFU/100ml

Lakewood 10 CFU/100ml

Timberline 30 CFU/100ml

Jefferson Point 41 CFU/100/ml