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Lake St Louis

Community Association


       For the more than 8,600 residents that reside in the Lake St. Louis Community Association,an amazing, residential resort lifestyle is a year-round reality. Living in the Lake St. Louis Community Association should be the first choice for enthusiastic, involved people who desire a unique and active lifestyle. Learn More......                                     


         Assessment fees are due March 1st. If you have not received                                your assessment  notice please call the community                                                association office at 636-625-8276                                     


              The CA Office will be open the following                                          Saturdays 9:00 to Noon:

                                                           April 2nd

                                                           May 7th

                                                           May 21st

                                                          June 4th

       Town Hall Meeting April 21st 7pm LSLCA Ballroom

                             Public Water Supply District #2 of St. Charles County, Missouri
                             LSLSIP – Inspection and Access Structures Contract Award
April 18, 2016 – At the Water District’s April 13th Board meeting, the Board of Directors approved contracts with Interactive Pipe Inspection (IPI) for inspection, location, and condition assessment of the existing sanitary sewer mains located underneath Lake St. Louis and Lake St. Louise. In addition to the inspection, location, and condition assessment of the mains, five new access structures are to be constructed within the lakes to enhance future access to the sanitary sewer system. Work is expected to commence immediately, with field work expected to be complete by October 31, 2016. Prior to any work being performed on an individual’s private property, IPI will be directly contacting affected residents to ensure that they are informed on what type and duration of activity that can be expected during this project.
This work is being performed as part of the Water District’s Lake St. Louis Sewer Improvement Program, which is a proactive effort to evaluate and potentially upgrade or replace the sewers that currently run underneath both Lakes St. Louis and St. Louise. To learn more about the Lake St.Louis Sewer Improvement Program visit: The Water District encourages those with questions regarding the project to call or email Staff at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
                    Mothers Day Garden Party May 8th 


                                         LSLCA Restaurant and Bar

                                                            Seating 10:30AM or 1:00PM

                                                            RSVP 636-625-8276 $19.95pp

                                                                           The Menu

                                                                        Salad Choices

                                                  Roasted Red Pepper & Spinach Salad

                                                                        Caprice Salad

                                                                        Entree choices

                                                  Salmon with Rice Pilaf and Broccoli

                                              Stuffed Chicken With Ricotta and Spinach

                                             Roasted Red Potato and Honey Glazed carrots

          Beef Flank Steak with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Bacon wrapped Asparagus

                                                                      Dessert Choices

                                                              Creme Brule with fresh berries

                                                                 Fresh Berry Bruschetta

   Entertainment at the Clubhouse


        Michelle & Rocky Rowe - April 16th, 8-12  


                     Fanfare - April  23rd, 8-12    


                    Patio Music begins May 5th

            with the  Memphis Ride band 7-10pm

          Cinco De Mayo Dinner Specials.Dress in Parrot head or Cinco attire and receive 1.00 off your ticket for food! Beer bucket specials, Margaritas and attendance prizes!We might even have a hula hoop contest! Fun for the entire family.Arrive early for dinner.If the patio is full you may bring your lawn chairs and listen to the music from the lower level.

                Scott Laytham and Karl Trickee Holmes

                                    May 12th 7-10 pm 




   Entertainment /events are limited to 4 guests per household



                           Please see the calendar for all events and bands